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Life in Dubai Self Growth

The Love that was not there

brown and pink doughnut with sprinkles

I often believed that the people who are not afraid to show their feelings are the ones with the bravest souls; perhaps I haven’t told you that for me, you have been the epitome of that belief. I admire your patience, your dedication, and your overall generosity of time and effort to constantly reassure ‘Love’ that you …


Kosmetik & körperpflege
Life in Dubai Self Growth

“Stepping up” with Mona San Gabriel

Mona San Gabriel

“You don’t have to be in the position to lead” this is particularly true for Mona San Gabriel, a former Administrator/Coordinator at Talise Spa, the wellness spa of a five-star luxury resort in Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah. Originally from her hometown Jaen, Nueva Ecija, in Philippines. Mona is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business …

Parenting Self Growth

37 Things I’d Tell My 13-Year-Old Self

A flower in spring

My parents have separated when I was four, I can’t even remember having them in the same household since my father has always been abroad. Oh yes, I remember one, the time when they were separating. The horror. I wasn’t exceptionally gifted with a good memory on academics, but I can remember very well the …


Parenting Self Growth

A Leopard Cannot Change its Spots

We are not perfect; nobody is. As a child, when our guardian told us not to touch something hot, we usually do the opposite to test its gravity out of curiosity. When my daughter, Ms. A, was two years old, she once wanted to grab the mug of coffee out of my hand; I told …

Homekeeping Living in Germany Self Growth

A ‘Homekeeping’ Journey with You

Red wine

I have always been in between an organized chaos and hating clutter at the same time. A desk filled with documents that I have been working on is an organized chaos for me, you won’t understand it but I’ll always know when to pull my things from when I need them.


Life in Dubai Self Growth

Once again, I’m moving on..

Tulip Flowers

Sealing the last box of my personal belongings, I had to keep checking the appropriate clothes to bring enough for the rest of the summer. I still can’t figure out the emotions. I know that there’ll be no regrets as this is not even a choice. Dubai has been the longest place I’ve lived in, …

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