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Hi, I’m Jovelle, I’m a Philippine National who’s spent almost 15 years of my life in Dubai, UAE. That’s about half my life living in a foreign country. Dubai is where I was able to build my modest hotel administration career, met my husband, got married, had children, and basically where I’ve spent and experience most of my adulthood up to the year 2020. I now live here in Germany with my family, which is another big transition in my life, but this time, I’d love to take you with me.

Jovhaem Unlimited is ‘A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog’ that I’ve created as a hobby, this is where I share my views, my life experiences, my how-to’s and guidelines, and my observations in between.

Naturally, topics are separated by categories which you will be able to find on the homepage sidebar of this website: Mindful Fashion, Living in Germany, Life in Dubai, and more..  most of the topics here pertain to how I adapt to my new environment that you may find interesting. One category that’s very close to my heart is ‘Self Growth’, amongst everything else -this for me is an evergreen subject that I believe a lot will be able to benefit from. I am not an expert but I am always fascinated with leadership stories from people who were able to adapt to change and take charge of their life. Lessons I’ve learned from the books I’ve read along with methods on how I applied it to my everyday lifestyle will of course be shared here with you as well.

This blog is carefully crafted to tell all that’s very personal to me, and I hope you’ll find them enjoyable and inspirational to read.

Thank you so much for being here and have fun

xx Jovelle

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