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A Purse for Every Purpose | Luxury in Moderation

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A Purse for Every Purpose | Luxury in Moderation

I love designer purses; I do think they are worth the extra head turns and stare whenever I’m out and about. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t have a lot of them! In fact, my purse collection is now minimal after I’ve given away and sold some of them.

I now have a purse for every occasion, and this for me is enough to get by here in Konstanz; I honestly don’t feel like I need more, although this list is definitely not a “Purse Peace,” not yet. We can’t just close our doors for designer purses.

I have now kept in my closet a collection of purses that I can use depending on the season, occasion, and often just for its sole purpose – to hold belongings based on my current environment.

Allow me to share with you the humble purse collection that I’ve ranked based on its quality, usefulness, and of course, style.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandoulier

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I had to bite the bullet when I purchased this purse in 2012; this was a push-gift during my pregnancy with Ms. A. I’ve used and love my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, Bandoulier since the day I’ve acquired it from the Mall of Emirates Louis Vuitton Boutique.

Nowadays, this has been my most used handbag when going to the city; I don’t even have to worry about the weather whenever I take this out. This purse has been rained on, winded on, heated under the sun, and sometimes even had a drop of ice cream on its canvas, yet after all these, it’s still in its best shape.

I honestly can’t find any cons or unpleasantness when I use this handbag, except that I now find it “too-common-for-a-style.”

The versatility of this purse with ways on how you can carry it is just perfect; you can carry your Speedy 25 B as a handheld purse for a chic look and crossbody or shoulder bag if you want to be handsfree. It also has a detachable strap to extend the strap length if you want. I used to only go with the shortest strap option, but now, I found that having a longer strap is particularly helpful when I’m wearing a thick jacket during winter, and I wanted to carry the purse crossbody.

I’m certain you have heard or watched tons of reviews about the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandoulier. It’s great if you only have to carry the basics. It’s not like when I was in Dubai when I used to fill this purse up to the rim, with a whole make-up toiletry pouch, mobile charger, a full-sized wallet, and huge sunglasses case, etc. because I didn’t have to carry it, I’m only in the office or driving in my car more than ten hours of the day.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandoulier

Now that we’re here in Germany, where we usually walk a lot outdoors, I now only carry the basics like my mini coin purse, cardholder, keys, foldable shopping bag, a selfie stick, phone, hand sanitizer, FFP2 mask, hand cream, compact powder, lipstick, and a lip balm.

The LV Speedy 25 Bandoulier can definitely fit a lot more, but I choose not to make it heavy for me to carry.

My Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandoulier is in Damier Ebene; it now retails at AED 6,150/- which is about 37% more than the price I paid in 2012.

Although the Speedy 25 Bandoulier has now been a common staple in every women’s wardrobe, I’m still giving this purse 5 stars out of 5

Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

A lot of Gen Zs may not even be familiar with this purse as it has long been discontinued by Louis Vuitton. I’ve got this purse as a Christmas gift from Raimund in 2014.

I have not used this shoulder bag/clutch often in Dubai because of its small capacity, I tend to use the medium to large-sized bags so this clutch is still in its pristine shape. I honestly thought it will just rot in its dustbag because I haven’t been using it and have even forgotten it at times, thankfully it has held well and I now totally enjoy it.

This purse has now become the “grab-me-when-you-need-a-quick-run.” It will fit a lot of your necessities; Since the majority of the purse is made of canvas, it’s not too much to think about when you carry it, just like my Speedy 25, it can be rained on, sunshine-d on, it can rub on your jeans – no problem, you will not have to worry about the color transfer. It is a worry-free, all-around mini bag.

I use it when I need to make a quick trip to the supermarket or pick up the kids from school (which are only about 200 meters away from where we live); it’s a great go-to purse and easy to put in a bigger handbag when you suddenly decided you’d want to go for a picnic at the park (when you need to bring a lot of snacks supplies for your growing children)

If you are considering of getting this purse from the preloved market, there would be two things that you have to be aware of;

1.) the chain strap will scratch on the Louis Vuitton plate, mine already has hair-line scratches on it. There’s no way you can entirely remove the chain, you can only detach one of the hooks and wrap it around to its closest zipper enclosure.

2.) The leather strap is one piece of a long cowhide detachable leather strap; although the leather strap can’t be shortened, you can use the gold chain as an alternative strap if you want to use the clutch for evening wear or you only want to have a mini shoulder bag. The drop of this purse is exactly the same as the Chanel Wallet on Chain.

My Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch is in Damier Ebene; Raimund bought it from Mall of Emirates Louis Vuitton Boutique. I don’t know how much he’s paid for it, but I’ve seen this now being sold at Vestiaire Collective for Euro 1,200/- (used, but good condition), that’s about AED 5,400/-, and I’m 1,000% sure that it’s not what Raimund have paid for, for a small handbag in 2014 (7 years ago)!

Therefore, in my opinion, regardless of its discontinuity from Louis Vuitton, I guess it still holds its value, given that it is still in an acceptable condition.

Having said all these, I do love my Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch; it’s a classic piece that not a lot of women have, and just because of its style and usefulness, I don’t think I will ever let this go. It is a 4.5 star out of 5 for me.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One of my absolute favorite purses! The black and gold combo is very much my style. I bought this from the Louis Vuitton Boutique in Dubai Mall. My first chosen color was in “Rose Pudre” at LV, Mall of Emirates but I have returned and exchanged it for a black one as I find black the easiest to maintain and dress up with. It’s cute to be added with a maxi twilly or a twilly on its top handle, but I often prefer it to be classic, just as it is.

I’ve used this purse, only a couple of times in the office and over the weekend. I do find this to be a very stylish grab-and-run-errands purse, also easy to carry when dining out for brunch or attending casual special occasions.

Momentarily, I have not used this purse often yet, given the pandemic and the rainy and cold weather here in Germany, but I’m truly looking forward to using this often this summer!

My Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis is in black Empreinte leather and gold-coated hardware, I got it as a shared birthday present between me and Raimund in 2018. It now retails about 12% more than the price I’ve paid in 2018.

This is a complete 5 star for me.

Chanel Wallet on Chain

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This purchase was a dream as I have thought about getting a Chanel WOC since I got the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis. I have always wanted to get a full-sized wallet with a sling strap that I can throw into my LV Neverfull and easily take when I need to go around Madinat Jumeirah or Souk Madinat during my breaks. Talking about being stylish with a cause in the office!

At the time, I have other priorities, so I’ve decided I’ll have to really save for this; never did I know that it will be my welcome gift to myself for moving here to Germany!

Chanel doesn’t allow purchases online here though; I’m not sure about anywhere else because I have only had physical visits in the Chanel Boutique in Dubai.

When you visit the Chanel website, you’ll notice that the closest you can acquire and purchase leather goods is only by visiting the closest shop near you, near me! which is about two and a half hours away. I emailed the website through their contact form and requested one of the SA’s to contact me via email; it took two months for me to wait – But it was all worth it, an SA contacted me via Whatsapp, and we said hi, hello, how are you? I explained, and I apologized as my German is not very good; luckily, the SA was very accommodating in speaking English. Therefore, I was able to have a completed purchase; and 4 days later, I got my Chanel Wallet on Chain.

I was so happy, but take a guess who’s happier? Of course! The little eight-year-old girl sitting next to me! She’s already looking forward to using it. When I was eight, all I wanted is a barbie pencil case, and this little one is already dreaming of a Chanel. (I can’t blame her though.)

This Chanel Wallet on Chain is in black caviar leather. I plan to use this for evening events (hopefully, when the pandemic is over); I find the Chanel WOC definitely not a running-errands purse. Not only that, I’m scared that the leather may be scratched, but it’s also too small to fit the essential pieces I constantly bring with me regularly. The Chanel Wallet on Chain can carry all my cards, my Bastia coin purse, a Louis Vuitton six key ring holder, and my iPhone xs max.

Let’s talk about the price; with the rapid Chanel price increases that have happened over time, I’ve paid twice as much as the first time I’ve gotten to know the Chanel WOC. I didn’t love it the first time, so I did not buy it, which has been a regret. Considering the price increase though, the only improvements were the gold zipper clasps and magnetic closure They are the only difference.

It’s true that the only product brands you’ll buy that will indeed have an increased value after you brought them home are those from Chanel and Hermes. Not only because of their price increases but also because of the demand and rarity of their seasonal leather colors and designs. However, these handbags or purses are definitely not an investment unless we buy them for the sole purpose of keeping them and reselling them when they increase their value. The majority of us purchase luxury items because they are known and tested for their quality, style, and resale value regardless if we’ve used them already or not, it also means, the majority of us buy to consume.

Again, we buy pieces because of their quality, style, and resale value, – we don’t just buy for the sake of looking rich. What I’ve got featured in this blog are luxuries in moderation -my rule of thumb is, if I can’t afford them now. I’ll save for it, I’ll work for it, so that every beautiful piece in my wardrobe will have a story to tell.

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