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37 Things I’d Tell My 13-Year-Old Self

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37 Things I’d Tell My 13-Year-Old Self

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My parents have separated when I was four, I can’t even remember having them in the same household since my father has always been abroad. Oh yes, I remember one, the time when they were separating. The horror. I wasn’t exceptionally gifted with a good memory on academics, but I can remember very well the episodes that stirred up so many emotions. Memories that serve as a blessing and a curse.

Regardless of circumstances, they do take their turn for the better. I wouldn’t even dream of going back and imagining ‘what if?’ (what if my parents have actually tried and have successfully able worked things out?). I don’t think I’d be the person I am today.. hmm… nah…yes… I’d rather not. Although I wished I could’ve done better though.

If I will be able to go back in time and be able to speak to my stubborn 13 year old self, these are the things that I’d tell her:

  1. Don’t wait until you’re 19 for you to realize the real wonders books can bring into your life. Every story has a lesson to learn, just like your life is going to be,
  2. Whatever you’re learning in school right now will not matter, but good grades will give you the ticket to be able to choose the course profession you’ll want,
  3. Stick with A.B. International Studies,
  4. Learning a new language is an instrumental asset nobody can take away from you,
  5. You can do anything you put your mind into, believe in yourself – If you don’t, nobody will.
  6. In life, it’s who you know that matters, so is the kind of people you surround yourself with.
  7. Don’t trust anyone but yourself.
  8. I can’t emphasize this enough, read more books during your free time. It’ll allow you to live someone else’s life in another dimension; you’ll get to experience each life and gain the lessons they learn.
  9. Read and learn garment instructions before laundering them; they’ll be a costly mistake when you don’t.
  10. Put your head down and do your homework. Read your next lessons in advance; it’s all in your books.
  11. Seat in front of the class, not at the back, because you’ll only get distracted when you don’t.
  12. Put your goals in writing, in bullet points. Then ask yourself how you would achieve it – create an action plan.
  13. Hurtful words are just words. Again, they are just words.
  14. Actions speak louder than words; you’ll eventually know the people who truly care, feel them.
  15. Money speaks louder than everyone else.
  16. Kindness will bring you places.
  17. How you communicate is just as important as how you dress and project yourself.
  18. Everybody is a salesperson; one is just better than the other; which one are you?
  19. Start savings account for all the monetary presents you will receive, don’t give them all to your mom – she’ll spend them! The same with your jewelry. Keep them,
  20. If it will not matter in the next five years, they don’t matter now.
  21. (My fav.) People can bullshit their way up, but it will not keep them there. Shit floats, so let their Karma do the rest.
  22. What angers you, controls you. But it’s also worth throwing theatres from time to time.
  23. Infatuations don’t last; love does.
  24. You can’t love anyone without loving yourself first. Look after yourself first.
  25. Four things you’ll have to work hard for: health, appearance, money, and credibility.
  26. Stop checking out your crush; you’ve got a lot on your plate to do. Again, you don’t need distractions.
  27. Things always turn out for the better. Trust HIM.
  28. Don’t just follow your heart. THINK.
  29. You don’t need more eye makeups.
  30. Find a mentor. Find Mr. Andy!
  31. Day dream, work hard, and pray. Manifestation is real.
  32. You won’t be able to make sound decisions without the dramas in your life; they’ll be worth it.
  33. You don’t have to always thrive, sometimes, you can just go with the flow and when you get tired, take a rest.
  34. You’ll learn this, but the earlier you do the better. Observe.
  35. Speak up, when you’ve got something to say. Sometimes you don’t even have to wait for your turn to speak.
  36. Learn to say no, gracefully – without explaining yourself. You don’t owe them any.
  37. There’s a moral lesson in every story, just like everyone you’ll meet will teach you a lesson.

I can’t go back to the past to meet myself to tell these, of course. Moving on, now that I am a mom; you can imagine how my conversation with my children goes with these points, right?

Like every other parent in this world, we just want the best for our children and it’s dreadful to even imagine them go through our lifes experiences as well. Nevertheless, we are here to serve as their guide, and so they can eventually make an informed decision for themselves. If they will listen! 😅

I’ll give you a tip: There’s nothing more interesting than real life stories you’ve encountered first hand.



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