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Friday, Coffee and Gin

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Friday, Coffee and Gin

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The weekend begins Friday nights! Just as the children dozed off in bed, we are free! If you’re a full time mom, I’m sure you can relate. This is our quiet time and our moment to Netflix and chill. 

Here in Germany, Friday nights are the most liberating nights of the week (for me!). It means I can sleep in until 10 am the next day (uh! How nice!) I don’t have to stand up and dress the kids for school, prepare sandwich snacks, and wake up very early to prepare breakfast; it’s like a mini-vacation that we can always look forward to -every end of the week! It’s when Raimund and I binge-watch Netflix while drinking wine and eating chips, just like our old dating days. More often, on a good week when we had to deal with many household chores and guests from the holiday apartments we’re renting, we treat ourselves with a bottle of wine or make ourselves cocktails and sometimes some fresh and creamy cheese.

I mean, we don’t just doze off on this once-in-a-week opportunity! We stay awake for it, just like a child who was restricted not to go out unless he’s tidied up his bedroom, this is our reward!

It is one of the short-term most anticipated rewards you can give to yourself, period. If you would be in a corporate world working with people who sometimes seemed to be possessed with the evil-spirit-of-stupidity, and yet you stay employed because, at the end of the month, you still get your salary without fail. This is (almost) the same.

We tap ourselves on the back whenever we do a great job because if we don’t do it? Nobody else will. We are adults, we are parents, and we have a lot of responsibility.. big ones! – so why not take a break, once a week?

Two gentlemen in Bavaria, Germany have had a creative idea of adding another surprise element into our lives. They’ve founded Abonauten Genuss Abo, which offers gin, champagne, natural wine, and more.

Abonauten Genuss Abo will give you an opportunity to join monthly subscriptions and have products delivered monthly to your home. Your subscriptions are, of course, flexible. You can choose to subscribe permanently (until you end it) or you can subscribe for only a certain amount of time, let’s say – six or twelve months.

Their products range from Gin, Champagne, Whiskey, Espresso, Filter Coffee, and more. This is actually brilliant as instead of buying gins or whisky for an amount of Euro 30-50 full-sized bottle, your subscription option will give you the opportunity to taste and try a wide variety of gins, whisky, champagne, natural wine, cheese, filter coffee, and espresso, depending on the product you subscribe for.

For example, with the Gin subscription for six months, you will receive 3x (0.1 Liter) bottles of different gins at the end of each month for six consecutive months. Depending on the subscription you choose, a fixed term will end automatically (so you don’t have to remind yourself to terminate your subscription). Abonauten Genuss Abo will have the product regularly delivered to you, on a fixed date of your choice, at a one-time payment that only costs approximately Euro 30/- per month, including shipping within Germany.

It’s almost as if you’re getting a present for yourself at the end of each month!

I have listed herewith Abonauten Genuss Abo’s current running promotions for your information:

Receive the first whiskey indulgence for FREE!

Subscribers will not only know their way around gin, but they will also have some tasty whiskey in stock. Enjoy the galaxy as easily as possible. Abonauten Genuss Abo offers you the first whiskey box with a whiskey subscription free of charge. Simply click on the link and the voucher will be redeemed automatically.

Gin Sale Discount

With the discount code GIN-SALE-50 you can order the gin boxes with a 50% discount. Simply select two or more boxes and use this voucher in the shopping cart.

Three Months Espresso Gift

Abonauten Genuss Abo currently offers the best of both worlds this week: Order the gin subscription for six months now and get your espresso subscription for three months free of charge.

I understand girt, it’s for a longer (much longer) term, but we are still in the pandemic, and the most important thing right now is for us to stay focused on ourselves, look after each other, and ensure we are happy, so go get yourself a short-term reward!

Disclaimer: Abonauten Genuss Abo is only for 18 years of age and above. This article is not sponsored. Links added in this post are affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide, I may receive a small commission. There will be no additional charge to you. Thank you for your support!

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