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Why I sold my Balenciaga Purses

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Why I sold my Balenciaga Purses

Why and Where I sold my Balenciaga Purses

As I try to update you with “what’s going on with my life nowadays,” which includes a big impact on my lifestyle. Lifestyle changes in a way that’s not even because we are in this pandemic, no – it is bigger than that, moving to a town in Germany and coming from the metropolitan city of Dubai is in itself a big adjustment. 

I’m used to always go to malls every weekend and see people wearing designer clothes, jewelry, and handbags that you’d only see on the internet or TV celebrities, with their hair set as if they’ve just jumped out of a magazine. Here in my new place of residence, I’ve noticed that there are only a handful of those fashionistas. You’ll often see people dressed for comfort to run errands, which is great! This is what my post will be all about; it’s my part of adapting to my new environment.

From dining in five-star luxury hotels and resorts, strolling malls with modern architectures to going to the old city, rich in history, outdoor space, and nature, it’s just not comparable. However, both are similarly interesting depending on an individuals’ taste.

As a result of these changes, I had to let go of a few of my designer purses heartbreakingly. As much as I love these pieces because of their leather, it pains me to see that they are just collecting dust in the closet (or their dustbags collecting dust in the closet, if you want me to be more specific).

Apart from the lifestyle changes, I also have two main reasons I had to let go of my Balenciaga purses, and unfortunately, I can’t control them, and I’m more than likely to be frowned upon.

The European Weather

If you are familiar with the Balenciaga Fashion House, you’ll know that the classic Balenciaga leathers are very smooth and soft to touch, + it smells so good! The leather smell faints in the long run, but for my bag, the leather smell didn’t go away, even if I’ve had one of them for more than 7 years! That’s basically why I fell in love with Balenciaga. These purses were also very popular with celebrities as it gives a distinctive, edgy vibe that’s irresistible, regardless of what you wear. However, If you think about it – these celebrities living in four-seasons weather don’t actually have to walk very long under the rain, or in extreme weathers, they’ve got their own private transports waiting for them whenever they go out.

Balenciaga Classic
Balenciaga Motorcity in Metallic Gold

Considering the volatile weather here in Germany, I had to ask myself: are the purses really for me? or would I just be ruining them in the long term? What would be my new cost per wear out of these purses considering their original price? I know that these purses will only get stuck in the closet most days of the year. Even if I get ‘sassy’ improvising a plastic as a rain jacket when suddenly it rains, it’s just not going to work.


The Balenciaga Giant Envelope clutch was my first clutch purchase. As much as I love the look, quality, and the fact that it has so many hidden compartments to secure my belongings, I can’t make it work. This purse made me realized that I am not a clutch person. I did try to use the purse on a few occasions, but it’s just not for me; I prefer to have my hands free, especially when I’m with my kids and even when attending parties.

The purse is roomy and can fit a lot, and the slouchiness is not a problem if you are worried about losing a card or lipstick, etc., because you can easily keep items in the big compartment at the back of the purse. It’s a great clutch in general; unfortunately, if I can’t get it to work in a big city where I’ve attended gatherings, I won’t be able to make it work here in Germany when I’d more likely be attending events with children around me.

As saddening as it is, these purses were loved but I’m also happy that I was able to find them a new home.

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