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A ‘Homekeeping’ Journey with You

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A ‘Homekeeping’ Journey with You

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For years I never thought I’d like to do household chores. When my husband and I didn’t have kids – our home was kept tidy and organized because it was an easy 45 minutes task that I only had to do over the weekend. Anything more than that, I get someone to do the cleaning for us for only AED 20-25 an hour. It was that straightforward! Did I mention already in one of my blogs that Dubai is a luxury city for people of career and lifestyle enthusiasts? You also have to know that most of us are ‘spoiled rotten’ in Dubai because of the facilities and services available for us.

When I gave birth to Ms. A., my daughter, I was able to convince my mom to live with us; it gave me my peace of mind that my child will be looked after and my home, even when a few years later as Mr. H, my son was born – it was just that easy. Looking back, I’ve realized how fortunate I was for having my mom beside me, for having her love and care for my children as if they were her own (more than she cared for me actually, anyway -grandparents are always like that, aren’t they?).

I believe part of my journey here in Germany is to explore my capabilities in ‘home-keeping, to begin to spend time with my family, and look after them truly. We don’t get help here; everything is managed on our own, so my blogs under ‘Living in Germany’ are going to be a tell-all of various experiences, mistakes, and wins – shared with you.


When we’ve moved to Germany, I have had an opportunity to have a brand new start: we now have our own apartment to dress up, we can choose furniture we like, and organize whatever it is we already have existed for ourselves.

Myself and my husband have thought about what we should look for;

  1. Economical- furniture should not cost us our kidneys; I meant it should be within our budget,
  2. Comfortable- they should be comfortable to use,
  3. Aesthetically pleasing- every piece should go with the rest of the furniture,
  4. Perfect size for a 126 sqm. apartment
  5. Purposeful- and with excellent cost per use ratio
  6. Delivered within timeframe
  7. Usable within the next 5 years

IKEA Furnitures

We’ve originally looked into purchasing furniture from the local websites within Germany. When comparing prices, they are great and at par with each other, but the delivery schedule has put us off. Imagine ordering and paying for your home’s entire furniture, then wait for them for 6-8 weeks to arrive.

Finally, we’ve decided to go with IKEA. IKEA’s delivery time was within 3-4 weeks (during a pandemic), which gave us enough time to prepare and work on the mini renovations needed to be done in our new home.

Dining and Living room wall repainting:

We’ve repainted the walls with clean white, green and gray; these are the color theme we went for, as we’ve always wanted to have indoor plants around.

The IKEA furniture arrived within 3-4 weeks at different delivery dates (as scheduled). It was exhilarating for all of us; we couldn’t wait to start assembling them. They are a lot to work with, and I tell you after building all these, not only that I felt like an expert, the activity also acted like teambuilding between myself and my husband having a ‘high-five’ after each big piece of furniture assembled. IKEA’s manual system seems complicated at first glance, but you’ll eventually get hold of understanding each manual once you get your head around it.


Having the IKEA furniture organized first gave us the privilege to step back and assess what else we need. From the website, I’ve ordered a carpet for the walkway, the living room, and dining room, a dining room hanging light, and later on, a full-sized mirror to brighten up the living room further. They were delivered as scheduled, the carpets and lightings within 4-7 days, and the full-sized mirror within 4 weeks.

Now let’s pretend that we’re putting all these in a pot, closing it and giving it a little shake!

TV Wall
Green wall
Green wall

Et Voila! This is what we end up with – a home set up that’s easy to clean, plenty of space, with minimal decoration, and cozy.

I hope you liked my first ‘homekeeping’ journey, see you soon!

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