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Once again, I’m moving on..

Life in Dubai Self Growth

Once again, I’m moving on..

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Sealing the last box of my personal belongings, I had to keep checking the appropriate clothes to bring enough for the rest of the summer. I still can’t figure out the emotions. I know that there’ll be no regrets as this is not even a choice. Dubai has been the longest place I’ve lived in, for almost 15 years of my existence, my co-workers, friends, and acquaintances have now been my family, and of course, some of my relatives who are with me have been my backbone over the years.

Being a product of a broken home at four, moving from one place to another has been a familiar event for me. As I reflect on life, it appears to be changing at a very fast pace, I realized I haven’t lived in one home for more than four years straight. my life is a cross over the mountain with myself often on the lower side of the slope, it was tough but it made me who I am today – every little bit of it.

My parents separated when I was four years, a few years later my mom met my stepfather and so we moved to Bulacan, there we’ve resided in various addresses for another four years until I graduated grade school, I moved to live with my grandmother in Batangas for two years, and then back with my mom and stepfather for another two years, studied in Manila for a year before I moved to Butuan City for the next three years, where I’ve got my certificates of completion from my Midwifery course and Care-giver school, worked part-time in McDonald’s and in a local hospital for a couple of months after college and then went abroad to Dubai, which has been my home for the longest time.

Moving from one place to another is a familiar scenario for me, but Dubai was particularly the most difficult to move away from. Anywhoo it has now become clear that the change of environment, change of the group of people to interact and life situations are what I have been prepared for.

Why did we have to leave Dubai? Do you ask? .. yeah, it’s because of the pandemic my husband was laid off, just like the thousands of people affected by it, so I also had to heartbreakingly hand over my resignation to the boss I’d walk fire for his trust and patience with me and whom I’ve worked with for almost 14 years!

So now we’re here in the South of Germany, with me looking after my family, juggling after the kids, household chores, and German language classes online.. and now this blog that I am so excited about and I can’t wait to share every little experience to you.

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